Summer is almost here! Are you excited to get out and start traveling to your favorite destination? Or maybe somewhere new? Us too! We’re here to share some fun, love and travel hacks to help keep you light and in style on your next adventure! 

Woman standing in front of small plane with shimmer black weekender bag

Firstly, you know what they say, fail to prepare....prepare to fail. Having a more organized process creates a smoother traveling experience so we've spoken with the Founder of Hi Love, Melissa Posh who has some great preparation tips.


Suitcase on a bed organized with packing cubes and zipper pouches

It’s easy to fall into the habit of packing the night before, sometimes that last-minute rush is even a part of the adventure - thrill seekers I see you! But we all know the inevitable outcome of this will be forgetting a favorite item or, maybe, even a lot of items. I’ve suffered the consequences of forgetting phone chargers, toiletries, and even my ID....etc, enough times now to be able to preach a new way of being.

Simple Packing Tips to Follow:

  1. Essentials first - before you do anything, gather your essentials and put them in your carry-on bag.  
  • Passports, transportation documents, and credit cards can all go inside a separate zipper pocket (or in your discreet Fanny Pack under cover), ready and waiting for you when you’re on your way.  We keep an extra photocopy of our ID in our luggage as a back up just in case. Oh, and don’t forget to check the expiration date on your ID/Passport, it’s a very expensive mishap. Unfortunately I’ve been there, take it from me. 

  • A backup set of chargers should remain in your luggage (or your Mini Pack) so you are never left unplugged, but if this does happen...maybe it is meant to be.

  • Always, have a pre-packed cosmetic bag so you never forget your favorite sparkle.

Woman standing at bathroom sink with silver cosmetic case and mini zipper pouch  

  1. List events - put pen to paper and list any events occurring during your trip. This will help you streamline your needs. How many times will you need to dress up or down? Will you spend a lot of time indoors or outdoors? Will you be lying on the sand by the sea or trekking mountains? 

  2. What to wear? - Now that you have a clear idea of the trip activities, it’s easier to figure out what to wear. Find a corner in a room or closet that you can create as a dumping place for piling clothes. Adding to the pile gradually a few days prior or even a week before the trip is super helpful and further avoids last-minute chaos or unnecessary decisions. Remember, not everything in the pile has to end up in your bag.

  3. Basics and staple pieces go a long way - You can pack light and still have a different outfit for every day. Having a fair amount of basics allows for more mix-matching of the same clothes throughout the trip - oh hello minimalist queens! Basic colors such as black, white, and beige can work well under staple pieces such as leather jackets, denim jackets or a double duty (see below) for a chic look.

Now, you only need a few of your favorite accessories to add a pop of color.

Shoes always manage to fit in the bag, so obviously we want to take more than we need.  We’ll let you decide if they’re worth the extra space (my husband would vote no since he ends up carrying the bags!)

Space Saver Hacks  

Not only will the following hacks, that you may never have thought about, save you space but they will keep you living your best sustainable life! 

  1. Double duty 
  • Coat to blanket - The same transportation sweater or sweatshirt or shawl can double as a jacket, night-time cuddle, or morning coffee bolt.  We love our @WhiteandWarren cashmere shawls, and although they’re bulky they can be worn around the neck so they don’t take up any extra space in your luggage. 


  • Cosmetic case to purse: Your medium pack/toiletry bag can double as a fold-over day or night clutch as well as stow your chargers, wet bathing suit, sweaty T and more.
  • Carry-on to Tote: Likewise, your sustainable Carryall can double as carry-on, a shopping bag, gym tote, beach ensemble, and more and it won’t ever weigh you down rain or shine.

Woman standing on a dock pulling water bottle out of shimmer navy tote bag

  1. Roll undergarments, workout clothes, and your basic tops in the space, in and around shoes and other structured items. Our latest favorite tops are from @walmart @ashirtthing and @jamesperse (they’re so good, it’s almost impossible to choose just one). These three are really versatile and can be dressed up or down, and even paired with your comfy daily fitness wear. 

Collage with a green Walmart tee, a white A Shirt Thing blouse and a gray James Perse tee

  1. Dry cleaning plastic helps to compact and it avoids wrinkles too.
  1. Let’s talk hats  - Turn up for travel looking cool or chic, depending on your choice of hat. Putting some effort into your travel outfit feels and looks good - effortless chic is the aim. Hats are a good accessory to wear (not pack) during travel, and we recommend slipping it into your carryall in flight so you don't forget it in the overhead nor have to put it on the floor. We love our new sporty Hi Love Travel Hats!


Almost there....

Got a book list or stack of magazines waiting for your undivided attention?  Store one in your carry-on bag so you don't have to spend unnecessary cash at the airport for reading that you’ll only end up tossing or leaving in the seat pocket in front of you. Check out @departuresmag and @wsjoffduty sections for good reads! 

Two jumbo zipper pouches sitting on airplane seats holding laptop and departures magazine

Another good tip is to prepare your snacks in advance, so not to leave yourself on an empty stomach or buying unnecessary junk that will ultimately weigh you down. We also carry our own re-usable water bottle which "saves" us, and is helpful for the earth in the end. And, where does all of this go you might ask? your Jumbo

Let's go!

Once your hotel and transportation are booked, we suggest you pay the extra for auto-check to ensure a hassle free airport experience. Less time spent checking in, more time spent in duty-free! 

However, if that’s not an option, do set a few phone alarms or put a companion in charge of this, teamwork makes the travel dream work.

Ah phew, now that we've got all that covered, grab your Weekender and let’s get looking at destinations. You've got this! 

Woman in front of Makers Air sign with weekender bag on top of silver suitcase 

Shop our Travel Essentials Collection to find the prefect travel bag for your next adventure!

Cheers to lighter travel days ahead!



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