Beaches, lakes and parks are starting to open and just in time for SUMMER! Finally, we get to be excited to be outside and enjoy the sun, sand and surf. So don't waste time searching for summer essentials - we've rounded up our very favorites for you here!


What to read under the sun shade? We recommend HumanKind, by Brad Aronson. HumanKind's heartwarming, true stories of people doing good in the world is just what we need right now.

All author royalties are going to Big Brothers and Big Sisters and other nonprofits.


And what to watch after a long day in the sun? Don't miss ESPN's 10-part documentary series "The Last Dance," which chronicled Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. The program shares his focus, determination, and perseverance.  His dedication to succeed over the challenges he faced is truly remarkable!

Jordan and the Bulls allowed NBA Entertainment to follow them throughout the 1997-98 season and document their final championship together. The series features never-before-seen footage as well as interviews with more than 100 people close to the team.

And, Michael Jordan's brand have committed $100 million over the next 10 years to organizations assisting black people with social justice and greater access to education!



Our recommendation: Beautycounter's CounterSun. The safer sun protection you've been waiting for. Guard against the sun's damaging rays with this water-resistant sunscreen lotion. Formulated with non-nano zinc and California Poppy, this physical SPF 30 formulation provides an effective shield from UVA and UVB, while being gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin. Smooth, nourishing formula blends evenly onto skin with limited white residue. Beautycounter has paved the way for the CLEAN beauty movement, from safe sunscreen to high performing skin regimens this brand leads the way in safety + performance. 

@beautycounter Beauty should be good for you

New customers receive 10% off their first order!



Where to put wet bathing suits, snacks and sunblock at the beach? Our recommendation: Hi Love's Medium Zipper Pack, with a special edition of where it all began... Harbour Island's Pink Sands Beach! This Pack is Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable! Featuring a Splash Resistant Zipper and Custom Hi Love Travel Silver Metal Pull Tab.

These great-for-everything bags are most ideally suited for: Toiletries + Wet Bathing Suits + Sweaty Gym Clothes  + Electronic Chargers + Children's Small Toys + Packaged Snacks + Office Supplies and to Contain All of Life's Little Necessities!

@hilovetravel bags and organizers for all of life's essentials



For summer shoes we strongly recommend anything from Melissa's SS 20 collection. You cannot beat their adorable summer collection on sale right now. Summer shoes in style with comfort and priced right!

@melissaofficial Melissa makes plastic extraordinary



“A rainbow in a can – a sparkling wine that is sulfite-free, low sugar, low calories, low alcohol & refreshing!”

We adore Social's gift packs! Social is one of the most innovative and fastest growing alcohol brands today! While other canned wines contain an average of 150 calories, 10g of sugar, and 9g of carbs in a 12oz. can, Social scores big at only 88 calories, 1g of sugar, and 4 carbs. Plus they're the only USDA certified organic canned wine on the market and the alcohol is from fermented brown rice instead of sugar. Enjoy guilt-free!

@socialsparkling – Summers thirst quenchers




Thank you SALT CONNECT for being here when we needed you! Stronger, Healthier, Happier, from Home. SALT Connect offers multiple workout formats in one place! Offering barre, cycle, FIT (interval), strength + stretch workouts as well as nutrition and mindset - SALT brings all of your wellness essentials into one place. Workout from anywhere for only $14.99 per month. 

@saltfitnesschicago – A fit outlet to keep our minds and bodies healthy

Thank you for sharing this love and wishing you all LOVE, PEACE and Fun Summer ADVENTURES!  Team Hi Love ❤️











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