Whether headed to the University, High School, Middle School or just getting started, back to school season for your loved ones is an exciting and emotional time for students and guardians.  So, we have gathered up a list of thoughtful suggestions, tips, and gifts for all their needs and activities to make the transition smooth sailing!


Who said being organized has no perks!?  We think staying organized is key to keeping one's mind clear for a successful school year! We are a fan of @right.angle.solutions who believes that "outer order contributes to inner calm." Hi Love Medium and Mini packs can help along these lines to keep backpacks and totes organized so your student never frets about where their essentials are while they are on the go!  Popular medium pack uses are for IPADS, electronic chargers, headphones, small notebooks, and sweaty gym clothes. The Mini Pack is popularly used as a pencil case for small school supplies, and for masks, medications, sanitizer, student IDs, and cell phones. 


Masks and hand sanitizers have become the new norm to grab on the go to keep our students protected. We also like to think about keeping their learning devices protected as they move from class to class. Our compact laptop case and attache (for computers larger than 15”) are padded, have splash-resistant zippers, and feature exterior and interior pockets respectively speaking. This is the perfect way to help keep their electronics safe and secure!



Hand-written letters and thoughtful surprises will keep them feeling loved and help to lightly offset the heaviness of full class schedules and testing. Add a little note or surprise into their Puffer Tote companion, which weighs just 6oz and is the perfect size to hold their computer, notebooks, chargers, gym clothes, and snacks for the entire day!   

KEEP THEM WELL FED & hydrated too!

A healthy diet makes for a healthy and focused mind. This sweet carrier, with its convenient handle and its reusability, is the perfect grab-and-go lunch box and a good excuse to have a snack on hand at all times. The water-resistant interior can be easily wiped clean and the interior zipper pocket fits our favorite electrolyte mix, the @goultima portable packs, which not only keep us hydrated but give us energy when we don't have access to a sound meal. Bonus! Use this carrier as a lunchbox during the school week and as a toiletry bag on the weekends!



A fit mindset is a healthy mindset and we believe a little activity goes a long way to being your best self.  @saltfitnesschicago helps keep us going in the studio and online but not without this Crossbody Backpack.  This bag will have your student's back for almost every on-the-go activity AND it fits a 16 oz water bottle, an iPad, size 11 pair of shoes, notebook, and more. Pair this with a Fanny Pack to make getting out and about easy breezy. 



We prefer to look and feel like a million bucks not spend it.  Send your loved one off with this affordable and stylish bag. Whether they are headed on a field trip or have a brunch date across campus, this plush and versatile Puffer Purse can be styled their way, worn crossbody, over the shoulder, or as a fold-over clutch.


A weekend away or adventure far away does a lot for the mind, body, and soul. Whether they have overnight plans with a friend nearby, a trip far away, or are traveling home to see YOU, our weekender bag will carry all the essentials and see them through! 


Best of luck to all students near and far!  May the 2021-2022 school year be their year!  After all, the time is here!
Cheers to love and light,
Team Hi Love


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