Hiking from Coast to Coast by Hi Love!

The Hi Love Team is back again to add to our list of favorite hikes from coast to coast! Whether you like a good challenge or an everyday leisure hiking trail, we have something fun in store for you!

We consulted with our team members to gather our tried and true favorite hikes across the USA, plus tips for staying hydrated, light on your feet and how to prepare to be one with nature! 

If it is a challenging snow-capped peak that your heart desires or a simple trail for sauntering along to take in the views...you will enjoy this one so read on! 

Hiking Gear Tips:

Trail Lover: 

  • Wear comfortable athletic style clothing with layers so you are prepared for changing temperatures - The basics...but it’s important to start with them!
  • @Goodr Sunglasses - lightweight, affordable, and they are fashionable & fun too! 
  • Shoes...these are very important!  And, whether you choose to match or not, wear a pair that is worn in but still has good tread. 
  •  @Stanceofficial - The funnest socks around that come in hundreds of colors and patterns and protect from blisters too.

    Food and Beverage Favorites:

    Trail Lover: 

    • Stay hydrated with Emergen-C, Nuun tablets, Ultima Powder or Liquid IV - These all give you an extra boost with a refreshing taste if we don’t say so ourselves!
    • The team agrees - don’t forget your top of the mountain snacks to pause and take in the view with.  Some trail bar favorites: Kind, Cliff, The YES Bar

      Accessories...with Style:

      Trail Lover: 

      • Day Hikers Pack by Hi Love - Our Set of Two, Medium, Mini or Wristlet comes with a mini logo carabiner for clipping your water bottle or your Hi Love pack to your gear! 

      • Fanny Pack - Don’t leave home without it as it keeps your phone close to pull it out for a photo in a moment's notice!
      • Crossbody backpack - Large enough to hold a Mini Pack inside to keep medicine and electrolytes contained, and light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down during the hike. For a shorter hike, use a Puffer Fanny Pack to carry chapstick, phone, car keys and a small water bottle to be light and hands free.

        Don’t Leave Home Without...

        Trail Lover: 

        • Fanny Pack - For a phone to take a nice photo and video along the way.
        • A whistle - safety on these mountains is important!
        • Don’t forget to unplug and be in the moment and soak in the breathtaking views….we are ALL in for this one too.

        If you don’t already own a Hi Love Fanny Pack - the jury is in on this one….high level or sea level...this one's for you! 

        Just Because!

        Trail Lover: 

        • We are ALL about @alltrails - it gives great recommendations with reviews, and allows you to filter based on difficulty, length and more.
        • Before your adventure, search for blogs with reviews about certain hikes from someone's personal experience.
        • Research weather conditions up to the moment of hiking and even during hiking. Again, safety is most important and knowing when to forge ahead and call it quits is key to a great hike. Enjoy any part of the journey!

        Now, follow along below for Hi Love’s favorite hikes…from coast to coast!

        Jessica’s Favorite Hike

        Colorado: Ajax/ Ute Trail on Aspen Mountain

        The beautiful ski mountains you find yourself on in the winter open up to green grass and Aspen trees come summertime. A couple hour hike from the town of Aspen to the top of Aspen Mountain, you’ll find yourself enjoying the view of the deep blue skys, neighboring mountains, and the city below. Come prepared in the summer- water, a snack, and a camera. Hiking shoes recommended for the steeper climbs. Make your way to the top and you’ll find the newest art from The Little Nell and grab a drink from the Sundeck. The best part about the whole hike? The Silver Queen Gondola will take you back down the mountain when you finish the hike! 

        Courtney F’s Favorite Hike

        Wisconsin: Shannon Lake Trail

        The Shannon Lake Hiking Trail system has six different loops to choose from, all of which bring you through gorgeous bright greenery in the summertime. The 6.5 mile and 2.1 mile loops circle around Shannon Lake, where you will hear peaceful lake sounds while you are hiking and you will get views of crystal clear and calm water.


        Courtney B’s Favorite Hike

        California: Fern Canyon - Murrelet State Wilderness

        This is a short one-mile loop trail in Northern California off of HWY 101. You need a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trailhead or you can take James Irvine Trail which meets up with it for a longer hike. I really have not experienced anything like it, with the ferns growing all along the sides of the canyon. Walking through the creek was fun as it is shallow, just watch your steps. I loved this little stop we made on our road trip. Fun fact: scenes from Jurassic Park were filmed here!

        Denise’s Favorite Hike

        Colorado Springs: Manitou Incline

        Just under a mile, 2000 elevation incline, 2,768 steps completely vertical. Grades 45-68%. Stairway to Heaven…Love this climb as it is great training for 14ers! 


        Melissa’s Favorite Hike

        Colorado: American Lake (#americanlake)

        Want a challenge? Try this one on for a 4-5 hour size. This hike is filled with breathtaking views, trails in and out of the forest, and a colorful lake at the top. I did it alone (not sure I would do that again) but there are many hikers on this trail to tag along with or help if you wanted to try it solo too.  Enjoy!

        We hope you enjoyed hiking along with us.  Now it’s your turn.  Get on All Trails, Grab your new Hiker Pack and go! 

        Go lightly….go with LOVE!

        Hike on...

        Team Hi Love

        *In case you missed it - you can find our past blog with MORE favorite hikes from 2021 here!*


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