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Mini Pack - Shimmering Pink Sands with White "Hi Love"

The name Hi Love Travel was inspired by Harbour Island, the location where love first bloomed in Melissa’s life.  Hi, of course, is also a friendly global greeting, and Love is obvious.  You might say “Hi Love” to a friend to start the day, answer the phone or use it as a salutation of any text or email. We love love, what can we say?

5% of the sales go directly to The Centre for Training and Innovation on Harbour Island

HI LOVE Insider: Duals as a chic clutch or a pouch for your mask!

  • Functional, lightweight, and versatile fashion
  • Protect your items from unwanted moisture and spills with our water-resistant packs, made from a unique material that is super soft to the touch
  • Popular uses: makeup + mask + phone + chargers + passport + pencil case + stylish wallet + sunglasses + lip gloss + medication + bandaids + baby supplies and more
  • Measurements: 8" x 5"

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