We make classic packs and luggage that function just as you'd want them to, and then we add a little love because we know it’s contagious. We believe in feel-good color… Even if black makes you feel best, we’re here for that… and feel-good prints and bold statements... and we’re the experts in signature emblems like hearts, stripes and stars for when you’re feeling upbeat. And solids for when you want a classic look. We consider moisture-resistant material a must-have ingredient in our designs. We believe in looking like a million bucks, not spending it—which is why we make affordable packs. We also know that we have a responsibility to the planet and to humanity to choose eco-friendly materials and to support our supply chain, without compromise. We’ve developed a brand we’re proud of and are convinced you'll love Hi Love too!
Melissa Posh, founder of Hi Love, wearing our black fanny pack in Paris.
No one says Hi Love! like Melissa. She greets her employees, friends and family with a huge smile and authentic warmth at every occasion, even emails! The fun and optimistic charm of the Hi Love accessories brand is embodied in our founder and if you've met her you know just what we're talking about. Mel might travel and dress posh but she is as down-to-earth as they come and she intimately understands what every woman needs in a fashion accessory: function + form with just the right touch of personality. The original inspiration for the Hi Love brand is what keeps it a favorite today: uniquely functional resort fashion at affordable prices.
And what about the name Hi Love?
The name Hi Love Travel was inspired by Harbour Island, the location where love first bloomed in Melissa’s life.  Hi, of course, is also a friendly global greeting, and Love is obvious.  You might say “Hi Love” to a friend to start the day, answer the phone or use as a salutation of any text or email. We love love, what can we say?