How-To #HILOVE our Everyday Travel Packs

All Packs are Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable!

Two & Three Piece Sets: Our Two & Three Piece Sets are Top Sellers! Three Piece Sets are made up of a Medium, Mini and Emergency Pack and Two Piece Sets are made up of a Medium Pack and a Mini Pack!  Travel Light and More Organized Today!

#HowtoHILOVE them- Read on! 


Medium Packs:

 How-To HILOVE it!

  • Toiletries
  • Wet bathing suits
  • Sweaty gym clothes
  • Packaged snacks
  • Electronic chargers
  • Use as your new stylish clutch

  • HI LOVE Insider: Fold them in half and use as a chic clutch for day or night!


    Mini Packs Padded:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Cell phone
    • Make-up
    • Stylish wallet
    HI LOVE Insider: Accented with convenient credit card slots inside to keep you organized.


    Mini Packs Un-Padded:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Makeup
    • Electronic chargers
    • Pencils & Pens
    • Clutch
    • Hair Accessories

    HI LOVE Insider: They dual as a chic clutch day or night!


    Emergency Packs:

    How-To HILOVE it!

  • Band-aids 
  • Wet wipes
  • Aspirin
  • Mints
  • Bobby Pins & Hair Ties
  • IDs & Keys
  • Ear Phones

    HI LOVE Insider: They make the sweetest gift card holder!


    Travel Pack: (formerly known as the Make-up Carrier)

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Makeup
    • Toiletries
    • Lunchbox
    • Jewelry Box

    HI LOVE Insider: If you like to see ALL of your makeup and toiletries at a quick glance, then this carrier was made for you. They are accented with a water-resistant zipper, so leaks stay inside!


    Jumbo Packs Not Padded:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Dirty laundry
    • Packaged snacks
    • Toys for Tots
    • Airplane seat companion for computer, files, earbuds, slippers and more!
    HI LOVE Insider: Accented with an inside zipper pocket to keep the smaller things easily accessible!


    Attache/Computer Compact Packs Padded:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Compact computers
    • Tablets
    • Stylish jumbo slip strap clutch  

    HI LOVE Insider: Accented with chic splash resistant zippers!


    Attache/Computer Pack Padded:

    How-To HILOVE it! 

    • Computers
    • Office files
    • Carry items you travel with that need a little extra protection  

    HI LOVE Insider:  Accented with chic splash resistant zippers!



    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Personal items
    • Tablets
    • Sporting activities/essentials
    • Concerts
    • Mini diaper bag 
    HI LOVE Insider:  It fits a 1 liter Smart Water or a bottle of wine and its hand free too.


    Fannie Pack:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Cell Phone
    • Keys
    • Credit Cards
    • Lip Balm & Bandaids
    • Sunglasses 
    • Discretely hold cash

    HI LOVE Insider:  Its obscure enough in size to be nearly "invisible" to hold your credit cards, passport or cash undercover while traveling internationally.


    Carryall: (aka Tote)

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Fitness Gear
    • Beach days
    • Business bag
    • Grocery runs
    • Shopping excursions
    • To open at a moments notice to contain it all!

    HI LOVE Insider:  It's the perfect, chic, rainy-day backup!


    Weekender: (aka Duffle)

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Made to travel light for your weekends away & light as a feather too!

    HI LOVE Insider:  YES! It fits into the overhead compartment of regional jets AND under the seat in front of you!


    Shoe Wine Tote: (aka Double Happiness)

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Shoes
    • Wine
    • Need there be more?

    HI LOVE Insider:  Makes for a special and unique house-warming gift... with a bottle of wine of course!


    Jewelry Pack: 

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Rings
    • Necklaces
    • Watches
    • Earrings 
    • Bracelets 

    HI LOVE Insider:  The entire tube is protected by a velvet-lined pouch and accented with a water-resistant zipper!


    Chain Collection: (aka Crossbody Purse)

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Crossbody Purse
    • Remove the metal chain and it becomes a slip strap clutch

    HI LOVE Insider:  It makes a great bag for concerts or for traveling to far away lands!


    Puffer Purse: 

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Crossbody Purse
    • Short Strap Purse
    • Remove the purse strap and it becomes a folder over clutch

    HI LOVE Insider:  It is padded, fits an ipad and is your best day to night option handbag made into one. 


    Cup Trio:

    How-To HILOVE it!

    • Makeup brushes
    • Toothbrush
    • Combs/Brushes
    • Pen/Pencil holder
    • Business cards
    • Plants
    • Candy & Mints 

    HI LOVE Insider:  The two largest fold flat for you to take with you on the road!