Headed out of town!? 

Grab your HI Love Weekender, follow these tips and you are sure to be lighter on your feet (and more organized too!).

Organize your Weekender like you would a filing cabinet, so you can see everything at a quick glance - with the exception of your shoes (which load in first and lie on the bottom.)  Here's the deal with shoes: How many do you really need for a weekend away or an overnight!? I suggest two!  An athletic pair for working out or unexpected physical activity, and another appropriate to the activities you will take part in (business?) ... plus the comfortable travel pair you're wearing - a bonus!



The rest of your travel needs you can file in nicely so the in/out is quick, easy, and organized. I slide my computer, files, and a magazine or book into our compact Laptop Case and pack it against the back of my Weekender so when I slip the strap onto my suitcase (if I have one) it lays nice and flat. 

What's next - snacks!  Who travels with snacks?  I do!  It helps me eat healthier no matter where I'm going. I pack our Jumbo Pack - what can I say? I like snacks (and I am Celiac) so I want to always have healthy options so I'm not a hangry person later on. (A Medium Pack works well for this too for those that want to be even lighter on their feet.)  BTW - more later on what snacks we travel with. Within the Weekender, the Jumbo snack bag slides in next to my laptop case. 

Chargers - have you ever forgotten your charges!?  It's a little stressful but that really all depends on if you are headed on an airplane ride or just up to your friends/family cabin.  Unplug if you can but if not - I put all of my chargers and electronic accessories in a Medium Pack in the corner but in a way that I can see it (I use our metallic silver so it's very easy to spot).  BTW - more later on what our charger case has in it. 

Clothes - Oh yeah... not to forget about those!  Here are a few of my favorite tips: Going to a formal event?  Roll your dress or suit in plastic and slip that in front of the Jumbo.  Roll two outfits just in case.  PJ's - Going to grandmas, the mountains or a warm climate... then we suggest you wear that cardigan or sweatshirt which can double as an evening warmer.

Quick side story: My husband likes to leave the house with a t-shirt on no matter what climate, airport or otherwise he is headed into and says..."if I'm cold - I'll just buy one!"  I put an end to this after the dozens of airport sweatshirts started piling up at home!  No offense - they came in handy but now... he travels prepared. :)

Tip on packing your bathing suit - pack the suit, roll that cover up to avoid wrinkles, and throw your flip flops all into a Medium Pack. Wet or dry - our packs are water-resistant and make the ideal pack for wet bathing suits or workout clothes. 

Toiletries & Makeup... I don't always travel light in this category but you can.  If time permits, I reload and combine all necessities into a Cosmetic Case.   It shimmies into your Weekender like a pro and its handy handle allows you to pull, refresh, and replace quite easily.  Does it fit - it does.  I don't consider myself high maintenance although some would beg to differ so yes it all fits. BTW more later on how I prepare to run out of the house at a moment's notice and never have to buy another toothbrush on the run!

Now, where to put your dirties - roll an empty Medium or Jumbo Pack in just in case your weekend was on the beach (the medium doubles as a wet bathing suit carrier) and/or a Jumbo for camp adventures or formal affairs that left your garments a bit soiled.

Handbag - you might notice I did not mention this.  Our medium packs double as a foldover clutch and now our Puffer Purses can too!  And, they take up not even an inch of space.  You can wear this as your 2nd carry-on too.  I fold one into my Crossbody so I have yet another bag for on the run, hikes, bikes, or otherwise.  

And, yes your Weekender comes with a shoulder strap just in case you prefer that convenience!  And, it has a slip strap for your luggage handle just in case you don't pack light and need to prepare another bag.

What's left to pack - YOU!  Don't forget YOU!  Check-in, Check-out, engage, laugh, love, and enjoy!  

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