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If you are able to, which organizations do you support financially right now? Most importantly, how do you choose which to support during a time when so many are in need? 

Non-Profits? GoFundMe? Giveaways? Local folks in need?

Sound familiar? Hi Love has made it a mission to support organizations that are near to our hearts, as long as we are able to. Thank you, dear customers and friends, for helping to support US so we can continue to support what we love too!

It can be a challenge to decide what and how much to support with - especially with multiple requests coming at you. Perhaps, the choice is 1 or 2 people or organizations that you feel especially tied to and believe in, and support them as much as possible! Or, perhaps you support as many as you can with a modest amount each.

We at Hi Love pursue a balance to giving. We believe that what feels good and right in our hearts helps us decide on our giving. It helps us to have confidence in our choices and have faith in the goodness of others that they too will support those in need.

While we support larger organizations like the Ed Posh Scholarship Foundation we also know our smaller donations to family, friends and others can help.

Helping local area youth attend college or career training through support of the Ed Posh Scholarship Foundation founded in 1995 has been particularly rewarding to us.

This foundation’s immediate goal is to aid financially challenged bright young kids with four years of help towards their education costs. To date the Ed Posh Foundation has awarded nearly $1,000,000 of assistance to these fine young people.

Who to choose or not to choose for donations remains a personal question and we hope this post is helpful to you to find your answer! One thing we believe in always, when there's a choice…choose LOVE!! 

Be Strong in your choice & LOVE


Melissa Posh

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